Orange Blossom Region
Antique Automobile Club of America
Christmas Dinner 12-03-11 "The Hotel"
Davenport Fl
OBR Spring Show 3-31-12 Lake
Lake Eva Car Show 2012v Lake
Evaaines City FL
June 30 2012  Dinner At  "BOB EVANS " Lake Wales
Great Group, Great Food, Fantastic Company.. Really great get together
Past Events
Mount Dora Trip.     November 17  2012
Dinner at Perkins Restraunt Bartow 1-12-13
DINNER MEETING 3-25-13  Red Lion Pub Lk  Lk Hamilton
Mathews Annual BBQ   April 20 2013
June 22 13..... Lunch  Meeting.... Olympic Restraunt Avon Park
Great Food....Great Fellowship.... A good time was had by all.... Our Thanks to the Lairds
for setting this up.... it was great.... We will have to do this again........
had a great turn out,  lots of great food...fellowship with members and
friends.   Good food always brings out the best of us .