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December 7              OBR Christmas Party (Elmo & Linda’s)
January 4, 2014        Winter Haven Cruise In
January 11                Davenport Car Show  2-6
January 27                Obr Monthly Meeting
February 1                 Winter Haven Cruise In
February 8                 Davenport Car Show 2-6     
February 6-8             AACA Annual Meeting Philadelphia
February 20-22         AACA Winter National PortLucie Fl
February 24              OBR Monthly Meeting
March 1                     Winter Haven Cruise In
March 8                     Davenport Car Show 2-6
March 15                   OBR Car Show (lake Eva Park Haines City)  
March                        Luncheon Meeting (TBA)
March 16                   Garage Mahal Sebring 10-Noon

                                             DO YOU REMEMBER?
Have you ever thought of some of the options and accessories that did not catch on or just
plan didn’t work. Here are a few who made them.
Swivel Seats  -  Chrysler
3rd headlight that turned with the wheels  -  Tucker
Automatic headlight dimmer – General Motors  - great idea except it could not tell an on
coming headlight from a street lamp
Air ride  -  GM and torsion level by Packard  -  wonderful ride until it broke and the car was
either 2 inches or 2 feet off the ground
Cigarette dispenser in the steering wheel  -  Chrysler
Under dash record player  -  Chrysler  - nice music until you hit a bump in the road and the
needle jumped out of the grove
Swing Away steering wheel  -  Ford
Removable portable radio  -  General Motors
4-6-8 engine   -  General Motors
Push Button Drive  -  Chrysler, Ford and Packard
Talking cars  - Chrysler and GM
Self winding clock in the steering wheel  -  General Motors  - kept good time providing that
you drove the car every day
Seats that turn into a bed  -  Nash  - we won’t say any more
Lube your car while you drive  -  Many makes
Speedometers that change color  -  Chrysler and GM  - ( OK .... they were standard
equipment... but still a gimmick )
I’m sure you can think of and remember many more, some of which will give you a good laugh.

Let’s look at the difference between us and England
Windscreen   -   Windshield
Bonnet           -   Hood
Boot               -    Trunk
Drophead       -    Convertible
Hood              -     Roof or top
Mascot           -     Hood Ornament
Dynamo          -     Generator   
Dickey             -     Rumble seat
Saloon            -      Sedan
Squab             -     Seat cushion
Wing               -     Fender
Scuttle            -     Cowl
Thank You Bob Lewis for this Interesting Info

February         Norman  Mathews
March              Dinner Out
April                Lee Carolyn Tanner
May                 Walt Sue Kaskey
June                Dinner Out
July                Paul Paula Dinbath
August             ????????
September       Dinner Out
October            Lee/AnnRon Laird
November         Judy Briley
December         Christmas Dinner
Refreshments 2014
Vol.9  No 4                                                                                                                April 2014

Good Day OBR Members,

I again want to say “thank you” to all of you who
worked on our car show.  Even though we lost a
small amount of money, I think it was a great
We had a beautiful day, beautiful cars and we
two new members.  Our next job is to find a
for next year.  Haines City does want us to return
guess we cannot use the grass park.  I will go next
week to see what they have in mind.

Jim Emmitt asked if anyone took any pictures at
show to please send him copies.  Also if anyone
like to write a short article, he would appreciate it
much.  He has a back problem and really needs
with putting together a newsletter.  So if you
have any
items, please do give him some help.

Speaking of Jim, he is waiting for his health care
approve surgery on his back.  He has appealed
hopes they will reverse their decision soon.  On
up side Myrt is getting around well after her knee

Roxie Lewis had her major surgery yesterday.  
She is
getting along fine and should be able to go home
Sunday.  It will be a slow recuperation  so we
need to
keep her in our thought and prayers for some

Our next meeting will be on April 28 at the
church.  I
will send out another reminder before , but
please put
this date on your calendar.  Would like to have a

Tom and I wish you and yours a Blessed Easter.  
Hope you can spend time with family and worship
as you believe.

Good night
Orange Blossom Region AACA March 29,
2014 Meeting Minutes
possible changes for the next car show at a
different venue. More   discussion to come.

The luncheon meeting at Floradino’s in
Lake Hamilton was called order at 2:20 PM
by Vice President   
Walt Kaskey. This was followed by the
Pledge and the Treasurer’s report given By
Don Allen. Don also announced   that our
recent car show had a net loss of about
$300.00.  Members then discussed some
Don Allen made a motion that the region   
sponsor a paving brick for the new Tucker
display at the AACA Museum.  The
donation amount would be $250.00. This
motion was carried by a majority vote.
We were Happy to welcome new member
Chad Nye from Lakeland. He has a ’29
Model   A and a ‘41 Packard.  We had 16
members attending.

The Meeting was adjourned   at 2:53PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Judy Briley
9          Yvonne James
10         Fran Reiter
11         Roxie Lewis
19         Paula Dimbath
Roxie's Baby       owned by Robert and Roxie Lewis
Presidents Letter
Monthly Minutes
Hello Members:
Sorry the news letter is late.  I have
had some medical problems and  also
bought a new computer and in the
transfer of the files many are still
floating in space.  I am not to
computer literate have had a time
trying to rebuild.   Material is needed
to make a news letter interesting,
meaning from  the members. Good
times, bad times , unusual problems. I
thank the ones that have helped in
that area but we all need to be
involved...Please thing of something,
let me know......Thanks JIM