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Orange Blossom Express
Orange Blossom Region AACA
Vol. 9  No. 9                                                              September 2014
Peggy Kerr President                                               Jim Emmitt Editor
Calender of Events
Sept 6                                      Winter Haven Cruise In    
Sept 27                                    OBR Lunch Meet Lakeland        
October 8 12                            Hershey
October 17-19                          Lake Mirror Classic
October ??                              Ice Cream Social  Brileys
November 8                             CCC Festival Highland Hammock
                                        St Park
November 24 ??                       OBR Meeting Election, Auction
December 14                            Christmas Dinner  5 :00 P M

8        Carol Allen

9        LeeAnn Laird

11      Lee Hunt

12      Judy Beauchamp

Photo by Mike Berry, “Wichita on Wheels”, Wichita Eagle
The POCI convention began in Wichita Kansas just three days after the AACA
Grand National in Lebanon TN. For those who are strangers to POCI, the
organization began in 1971 as the Pontiac Owners Club International. (Ron is
charter member #000015.) Later the name was changed to Pontiac Oakland Club
International which still carries the same logo ‘POCI’.
Our unhurried trip from Tennessee to Kansas took us through the southern side
of Missouri. We shall never forget the beauty of the trip. The patriotic hymn “O
Beautiful for Spacious Skies” must have been written with this portion of
America in mind. The mountain tops of the Ozarks had a purple hue, the plains
were covered with amber fields of grain. We noted that the trees were mostly
leaning towards the north as the southerly winds are very strong in this area. In
fact, one of the stops that we made for gas, the wind was so strong that it was
difficult to push the truck door open.
Upon arriving Tuesday afternoon in Wichita, the 1910 Oakland (the oldest car at
the show) had to go through technical inspection. Armed with a clipboard, a 1st
time inspector approached the car. “Turn on your turn signals”… “we don’t
have any”, “Turn on your lights”… “we don’t light them as they might explode”,
“Well, do your instruments work?”, “we don’t have any”. The young man was
so confused; he didn’t have anything on his clipboard that applied to our car.
An old timer came to his rescue and we were allowed to put our car into the
POCI is a four and one-half day annual event. It is an annual gathering of
Pontiac enthusiasts. Nine hotels were utilized by over 800 registrants with the
host hotel being the Hyatt Regency which was connected to the Century II
Conference Center. The program has many seminars with a variety of activities
for young and old alike. The swap meet is open during the entire convention.
The youth are encouraged to compete in the Model Car & Coloring contests. On
Wednesday evening, Wichita’s Old Cowtown was privately engaged for POCI by
Ames Performance Engineering (a reproduction part supplier). Cowtown is both
a museum and a self-guided historical village depicting Wichita life in the 1870’
s. Actors were dressed in period clothing.
POCI has a specialty chapter for just about every interest. On Thursday AM,
over 120 people participated in the Oakland Chapter Breakfast Cruise (about 20
mile roundtrip) to the Rolling Hills CC. What a sight it was to see the parade of
Oaklands and early Pontiacs led by a police escort. After the annual business
meeting, the group was treated to viewing a private collection of rare autos,
many having won awards at Pebble Beach.
Also meeting on Thursday were the GTO “Cruisin’ Tigers”, the Firebird, the
Overhead Cammers, the Street Rod /Modified, the GMC and the Early Times
Chapters. We belong to the Early Times Chapter which is designed primarily for
1954 and older vehicles. This group likes ice cream and finds unique spots to
cruise for some of the best. This year we took a 30 mile roundtrip cruise to
home of Freddy’s Ice Cream/Steakburger deli (about to go on the stockmarket).
On the return trip, we were honored to visit the garage of Joe Stout to view his
private collection of automobile memorabilia.
The Road Warriors Chapter Cruise is made of those members who own cars that
are either a) in some stage of restoration, b) original and road worn, c) has an
older restoration that has “lost its luster”, or d) just don’t want their cars
judged or voted on. This cruise goes about 100 miles to an interesting spot for
Thursday concluded with “POCI” Night. A dinner meeting that honors not only
the special chapters previously mentioned but all the charter chapters (groups
that would parallel AACA Geographic Regions). Chapter awards are given out
for Newsletter, increasing membership, etc. The grand finale is always a
presentation from the next year’s convention committee unveiling the venue
(which has been kept ‘under wraps’ until this moment).
Friday is Points Judging day. For those who are not involved with Point
Judging, there are events planned all day ranging from seminars to
competition. In one seminar, the group was privileged to listen to 88-year old
Jim Wangers, who began his career with Chevrolet. In 1956, he convinced
Chevy to allow Zora Arkus-Duntov to drive up Pike’s Peak. The car blew all
records proving GM had another hot new V8 engine.
Jim moved to Pontiac Division where he was involved with planning, marketing,
and racing. A very compelling speaker and the ‘father’ of Wide Track high-
performance Pontiacs, Jim Wangers was THERE, 50 years ago, when the GTO
was born. In the 50’s and 60’s, he was responsible for arranging for Royal
Pontiac in Detroit to become the unofficial testing garage and organized the
Royal testing program. Even today a Royal “Bobcat” is one of the most
collectible muscle cars. In recent years, he has authored a book entitled “Glory
Days”. Friday evening was the annual POCI Drag Race and Jim even raced his
own car. (He can still beat them all.)
Another event on Friday was Valve Cover Racing. ‘Souped up’ valve covers with
wheels were released down an incline. Lots of fun and cheering went on. It has
become very high tech and very competitive since the 1st year. The Specialty
Chapter meetings continued for the Grand Prix, Custom Safari, and PCPV
(Pontiac Commercial/Professional Vehicles) groups. A bus tour to a Frank Lloyd
Wright House and the Wichita Botanical Gardens was also enjoyed by the ladies.
Saturday is the BIG day. All of the cars are on display: Points Judged, Popular
Vote, and Road Warriors. This year, the show was totally indoors. What a sight,
together, over 600 Pontiacs and Oaklands! The Awards Banquet was the ending
of event. After a wonderful banquet meal and all the awards were announced,
the people began to scatter. But the sounds that echoed were the words “See
you in Louisville next year.” God willing, we will all be there.
Presidents Letter
Recipe of the Month
from Peggy Kerr
                               MEG’s CHEESECAKE

Three 8 oz packages of cream cheese
¾ cup of sugar
2 eggs
1  teaspoon vanilla
1  teaspoon lemon juice  (I like fresh juice)

Beat the softened cream cheese, and then beat in the sugar
and eggs
When all mixed add vanilla and lemon juice
Put in an prepared spring form pan or purchased graham
pie crust.  The spring form pan makes the better presentation.
Bake at 325 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes. Let cool for 2 hrs.


One cup of sour cream
¼ cup of sugar   and
One teaspoon vanilla

Mix together and put on top of cooled pie.  Put back in the
oven and bake at 325 degrees for 10 minutes.

If you use “light” sour cream and cream cheese, it will not
have the same taste and this is a wonderful cheesecake.  I use
the real thing and eat less.

Notice Notice
News Letter moved below,scroll down  

September 17, 2014

Dear OBR Members,

What a great crowd we had at our last meeting!!!!  Can we
do that again on the 27th???  I was so happy to all of you.

On that subject our meeting will be at Dwayne’s
Restaurant, 6960 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland.  The
time is 1:00 and the date is September 27.  

If you are entering a car (motorcycle or bicycle) in Lake
Mirror Classic and have not done so, please do so soon.  I
spoke with Ford and we now have 4 cars in the OBR
Section.  Tom is entering a motorcycle and it will be over
in another section.

I am asking for two or three volunteers to do the ribbons
for the Lakeland Open Car Show on the day of the
Classic.  I am sure you know this is hundreds of classic
and collectible vehicles parked on the streets of
downtown Lakeland.  Ford Heacock has requested our
club give out the ribbons, two for each class of vehicle.  

Our Dear Friend Norman Matthews will have surgery
again on next Tuesday.  They have stopped the bleeding
and need to get this done.  He is very weak but hopefully
this will clear up his problems.  Also John Weaver had a
door fall on his head at work, gave him a big cut and a
large bump.  He is still being treated and is not feeling
well at all.  They are waiting for an MRI at this point.  We
need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers and maybe
a card would cheer one or both.

I recently sent out an activity list.  If you missed it, look on
our web site or e-mail me.  Jim tries to keep it updated
when I send him a new one.

I look forward to seeing you on the 27th at 1:00 P.M.


Orange Blossom Region AACA
Meeting Minutes

The August meeting was a dinner
meeting held at the Catfish Country
Restaurant in Lakeland.
A brief business meeting was held and
President Peggy Kerr  asked for
suggestions  for a date for our car
show in 2015. A date of March 13th
was selected to accommodate the City
of Davenport . Peggy Kerr  
volunteered  to be show chairman.
Members were also reminded to attend
the  Nazarene Car Show on Labor day
and The Lake Mirror Classic in

The September meeting will also be a
luncheon meeting.
Respectfully submitted
Judy Briley, Secretary